Thursday, March 25, 2010

jQuery Flip Plugins

jQuery 3di Rotate Plugin (no IE support):
This is the perfect flip, exactly what i was looking for. It requires a few includes and does not support older browsers at all (it requires css3 support, which is rare amongst browsers). While it's what I want, I can't use it because it's not compatible enough with anyhting.

jQuery Flip Plugin:
It's a good looking flip, except that it doesn't really do images properly. It only does the flipping motions with a gray background (or color of your choice), does a pretty smooth flip and then returns whatever content you had to the box. It might be okay with a black background, but not exactly what i was looking for. However, it does have full browser support, so you can't really complain

jQuery Image Flip
This kind of works, it's not really flipping. It's squashing and expanding, but it could do possibly. Hmm.

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