Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Write Panels & Widgets With Wordpress

I'm trying to figure out how to use the Word Press Magic Fields plugin and for the time being I cannot figure out what in the world a Write Panel is exactly.

I think a  Write Panel is like a Write Post or Write Page type page. A Write Panel is the ability to essentially create a "page" using a special screen that only requires certain input fields.

So instead of a normal title and content you could create a new "Client" page where it requires only specific fields of "Client Name", "Business Address", and "Logo".

I guess that kind of makes sense, but it's very much not what I want. I think I am looking for Text Widgets instead!!! - BREAKS WORD PRESS - Haven't been able to try it yet - custom fix, looks hard. - Does not work in new versions

After that I gave up on using widgets and found my solution. Custom fields and Front End Editor - This is the one that worked for me!! Allows WYSIWIG editing of custom fields. Allows In-place WYSIWIG editing. This also worked for me after making the modifications listed here : - Modification for custom fields

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