Thursday, January 27, 2011

MongoDB Explorer


I recently started here at and began using MongoDB extensively. I realized pretty quickly I'd need to get some new tools for exploring the database. While the JavaScript interface is fantastic, sometimes you just want to browse through and see what's there. Sequel Pro did a great at this for MySQL databases. SDB Explorer works alright for exploring Amazon's SimpleDB, but I couldn't find anything at first for Mongo. Finally I found this experimental project, which does well enough at poking around your Mongo collections. It's Mac Only and called Mongo Explorer:

There's another one out there called MongoHub, that's also Mac only. It's supposed to be alright as well:


After playing with both for a few minutes. Mongo Explorer seems much easier to use if you just want to go in and look at the data. Mongo Hub is much fancier, prettier and seemingly more complicated / powerful.

Best of luck to all the new Mongo users out there, so far it's really cool!

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