Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mobile Web Anti-Patterns

I'm trying to capture some common mobile web anti-patterns, so we can learn from the mistakes of others. I found a couple of mobile-optimized sites that were well, not so optimized. Please add to the comments if you've seen some of these or other anti-patterns!

Beware the Landing Page

Contrary to what ABC News had in mind, I was trying to find the website not the app. I may have even clicked on a link from Google News or something, but when I saw this I immediately thought, "nevermind".


I clicked a link from my Twitter client to hear a song and what do I get? There's no way to actually listen to the song without downloading the app and presumably searching for it. I don't even know the name of the song, just the artist. Worthless. :(

Where Are You?


Use your Google Maps app to look up the Post Office, because there website is too hard to use in a mobile situation. It's a mobile optimized site. It knows where I am. One of the biggest mobile web anti-patterns is asking for information you already have.

Too Small Text

There sandwiches are great, but if I can't read what they sell or even zoom-in, what is the point of having a website. Your site may be pretty and small, but it's not optimized for mobile if I'm not able to read anything. In this case the problem was using images instead of CSS3 and web fonts to create its look. Other sites don't let you zoom in at all.

Need Examples...

Phone Numbers as Text
Forgetting Map Links on Addresses
Serving Tablet's the Phone Site
What else?


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