Friday, March 9, 2012

Mobile Web Roundup

This week was a huge week week for mobile web development.  Here are some quick summaries of the latest tools/announcements.

Adobe Shadow

Live preview your sites in your desktop and mobile.

Google Page Speed for Mobile (requires ICS)

If you're lucky enough to have Android for mobile you can now find out bottlenecks in your sites. It's hard to debug for mobile, so any help like this is welcome.

Sencha Touch 2.0

The best mobile-web framework just got way faster in Android and added a bunch of new features.

What iOS 5.1 and the new iPad mean for web developers

Of course the iPad 3 was announced this week and @firt reminds of how to get our sites ready with a quick blog post.

iPad3's Retina Display Will Wreak Havoc on the Web

A follow up to the above article with some warnings about serving up high-res images in every context.


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